Monday, April 8, 2013

Testing Blues

The time has arrived for the day we have all been waiting for, Testing Day! This is the part where I sigh and cross my finger for the time to fly by. But, this never comes true! Instead time passes by slowly and the clock hands seem to slow down. I also have to mentally prepare myself to stand up for a minimum of two hours. Yes, two hours even though it’s a 70 minute test.

As I am trying to pass my testing blue, I think about ways to fill the rest of the day with activities that are fun but yet the kids can gain some educational value as well. For the first day, I decided to make note cards of encouragement. I have paired up two students together to leave each other notes of encouragement before the test.

I feel that at times with the pressure of testing and doing their best, we forget how important is to slow down and feel encourage by others. I remember as a kid my parents would rotate each day of big exams such as these and write me little notes.  Some notes were just silly and full of happiness. Nevertheless, they shape my day and attitude for those pesky big tests.
Today, I encourage my students to the same. At the same time, I was able to do a quick review of parts of a letter and writing. The kids loved the idea and thought it was AWESOME ! They all can’t wait to come tomorrow to class and share their notes with each other. 

I will be sharing pictures of the note cards and delivery tomorrow. 

What are some ways you encourage kids to support each other in the classroom? 

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  1. Awww...this sounds like a great idea that I might borrow. :)