Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Writing Crunch Time

These past couple of days the intensity of instruction has been at its highest! With just a couple of more days to go for state testing, these past couple of days we have practiced extremely hard those writing concepts and techniques that makes our writing blossom. As much as I have taught all those nitty gritty concepts there are still students in my class whose writing is still in the works. Explicit instruction with these small groups of kids has to be beyond productive.
To help those who are still struggling, I decided to color code the writing planners with the different section that their essay would need. After reviewing the part of the essay with them using colors, their little light bulb just lit up in their head. I felt such happiness and relief.  We are currently; in our second day of trying this out and am super excited with the results.

I would love to hear some feedback ont his download. I am currently in the words of  planning my writing units for next year and would love all the feedback possible.

I am linking up with Stephanie over at Falling Into First and her fabulous linky party. This week theme is share a teaching tip. Well what better way to share a writing tip with these great linky party. So head on over to Falling Into First and see other team teaching tip.


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